Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Member of the Order of Wally

This went largely unremarked at the time, I wish to preserve it for posterity.

I now you don't cvare b/c u want to do waht you want to do but if u think aboutit theres a REASON we were all made and that is we are made in FLORIDAS IMAGE-but not women-dont you look down when you pee yuo will see it [[and waht about the pictures of EPCOT canter did they get faked?? and even if yo dont believe in florida FLORIDA still bleieves IN YOU and LOVES you so stop thinking, ur so smart and ill PRAY for you that you LOVE Florida even if you dont wnat to ;-)

And dont say Im a troll or a Poe wahtever that is b/c Im as real as flordia

Posted by: Borwnien, OW | May 5, 2008 2:41 PM

From Pharyngula, I can't believe in Florida anymore #50

I assume that OW stands for Order of Wally. I think this concept has great value.


Brownian said...

Aww, I'm really touched!

Hematite said...

I am not, and have never been, a member of the Catholic Church. Brownian's allegations are a baseless attack on my good name.