Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Introductory Post

What is this blog about?

It is about questions. Burning questions. Questions that must be answered. Also trivial questions, poorly posed questions, musings (in question form), questions best left unasked, questions I should have just Googled but posted on my blog instead.

It is about science. It is about truth. It is about logic. It is about intellectual honesty. It is about properly citing sources if I can be bothered.

It is about communication. It is about conversation. It is about exposition. It is about metaphors that stampede across a Jurassic landscape, their bellows resounding in the humid air.

It is about time I stopped rambling. It usually is.

This is of course a vanity blog and I don't intend to do anything except post things which interest me. In many ways this is a trap. I hope lure in unsuspecting commenters from Pharyngula and trick them into writing something insightful.

A warning on structure. I intend to post questions. As I idly come across information which answers a question, I will append it to the post so that the question is incrementally answered over time. I intend to leave a timestamp on each edit for archaeological purposes, but I strongly suspect that this kind of knowledge accretion will make the RSS feed entirely useless for tracking question updates.

About labels. I am going to label questions open questions or closed questions. All questions will start out open, and I will close them when I think they are answered, boring or irrelevant. There is no practical effect from closing a question, it is just a hint as to what I am thinking about lately.

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